3 - LGA Image Sensor Adapter Series


E-tec Interconnect LGA Image Sensor Adapters Series mounting solution is composed from :

One LGA Adapter and One Image Sensor Socket

LGA Adapter:

Your LGA Image Sensor must first be solder on the top of the E-tec Interconnect LGA Adapter (this operation converting your LGA Image Sensor to a PGA component and you can plugged it into the Image Sensor Socket.

Image Sensor Socket:

The E-tec Interconnect Image sensor Socket provide higher reliability thanks the precision machined pins with incorporate a BeCu contact clip to ensure security of the imager while maintaining its pluggability.
The sensors can easily be plugged-in and unplugged to upgrade process.

We offer any pin-out, configuration and grid side down to 0.80mm pitch.

The E-tec Interconnect Image Sensor Sockets can be fix to your PCB by the follow soldering technologies :

Through-hole (THT)
Standard Surface mount (SMT)
Solderball Surface mount (SMT)

This protect your device from high temperature during the soldering process, cleaning process, shocks, etc..

E-tec Interconnect can provide you a largest line of Image Sensor Sockets for Imaging industry. Our sockets are created for:

Sony, Teledyne, Kodak, Motorola, and all other manufacturer, please send us your request.

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