4 - BGA - LGA Image Sensor Sockets Series


E-tec Interconnect BGA / LGA Image Sensor Sockets provide higher reliability thanks the precision machined contacts ensure security of the imager while maintaining in contact.
The sensors can easily be placed into the socket and take away easly, to upgrade process, thanks the special closing system.

We offer any pin-out, configuration and grid side down to 0.40mm pitch

The E-tec Interconnect BGA / LGA Image Sensor Sockets can be fix to your PCB by the follow technologies :

Through-hole (THT) soldering
Standard Surface mount (SMT) soldering
Solderball Surface mount (SMT) soldering
Solderless Compression Technology

This protect your device from high temperature during the soldering process, cleaning process, shocks, etc..

E-tec Interconnect can provide you a largest line of Image Sensor Sockets for Imaging industry. Our sockets are created for:

Sony, Teledyne, Kodak, Motorola, and all other manufacturer, please send us your request.

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