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The E-tec Interconnect BGA Package Solder Adapter ABG & MGS system was develop for low cost test of BGA packages or to use it in embedded systems with the flexibility of exchange the package for future updates, replacement or reparations. Thus, this system has only slightly larger external dimensions than the BGA device, and thus takes much less space on your PC board to complete.

This adapter system gives your BGA device legs and make it pluggable. Steps:

- First: Solder the BGA device to our adapter (ABG Series)
- Second: Solder MGS adapter on your PCB. As emulates the package dimension and footprint, is easily installed using standard flux and reflow techniques.
- Third: You can plug the ABG adapter (with your already soldered BGA Package) into our MGS adapter and start using it.

We offer any pin-out, configuration and grid size for pitch 0.8mm, 1.00mm and 1.27mm. Other pitch and special terminals designs are possible on request.